April 30, 2021

Body Room


12:00PM - 2:30PM • Registration

2:30PM - 3:30PM • Root to Receive

Presenter: Hilary Wood

Experience a unique yoga class, designed to open the pathways of your lower body, creating a grounded connection to the earth. Through breath, movement and subtle body exploration, you will encourage a smooth current of energy through the body to help eliminate stress or stagnation and free up any areas that might feel blocked. Take time to physically connect to your inner knowing, a knowing that is always in alignment with your greater good and finish feeling lighter and clearer.



4:00PM - 5:00PM • Take Your Place with Grace

Presenter: Kim Mayberry

Explore movement as a vehicle to increase your confidence. A strong core can be a power source. Practice an array of core strengthening exercises that build the foundation for your body to stand upright. Learn how posture affects not only your physical body, but your emotional one as well. Feel powerful and expansive as we move through both static and flowing movements that focus on the Solar Plexus chakra. You will gain tools to feel more supported as you take your place with grace in the world.

5:00PM - 6:00PM • Registration

6:00PM - 7:00PM • Sacred Dance

Presenter: Kim Mayberry

Dance is recognized as the first art form, the first way we explored our connection between Source and our physical being. It is a way to express the inexpressible. In this class, you will be lovingly guided to access depths of your soul and connect to the Universe. You will feel supported to move with abandon, to release what needs to be released and to celebrate the light within and without. Feel the joy of movement and the ecstasy of the Divine.


7:30PM - 9:00PM • Self-Love Hypnosis Experience

Presenter: Jen Love

You are important, you are enough and you have gifts to share with the world. Sometimes, it can be hard to accept these truths without confronting the challenging beliefs that are rooted in your unconscious mind. Through Intuitive Hypnotherapy and Channeling, you will be guided on a self-love journey to heal those limiting beliefs, activate your gifts and plant seeds of deep love that will nourish you in the years to come.

Mind Room


12:00PM - 2:30PM • Registration



2:30PM - 3:30PM • Sleep Better - Feel Better

Presenter: Julie Ann Waldock

As you explore the research into the importance of sleep and its impact on your daily life, you will uncover the everyday things that can hijack a healthy sleep pattern.  Instead of accepting disruptions, learn proven tips to improve the quality of your sleep each night. Experience a guided meditation technique for sleep happiness that you can easily apply in the comfort of your home.

4:00PM - 5:00PM • Embodied Forgiveness

Presenter: Ryan Snow

Forgiveness is a word we hear as often as the phrase “Let it go”.  What does it mean to truly forgive someone or something? Did you know that there are many layers to the process of forgiving? Through the practice of radical forgiveness, you will discover how you hold onto your traumas and fears and why this mechanism embodies your mind, body and soul.  You will be able to zero in on your truth from a standpoint of love and honor the experience as part of the journey we call life. This in turn will allow you to move forward from pain and find love in what it means to be human.

5:00PM - 6:00PM • Registration

6:00PM - 7:00PM • How To Create A Home Meditation Practice

Presenter: Trish Tutton

Meditation has become a mainstream practice and is the perfect addition to a daily routine to reduce stress and increase mindfulness and vitality. Although many like the idea of meditation, they struggle with how to create a reliable, consistent and dedicated daily practice. In this event, you will learn the steps to creating a home meditation practice. You will also discuss the challenges and obstacles many face when trying to implement daily meditation and how to overcome them. You’ll leave with a ‘recipe for a meditation practice’ and the confidence to practice in the comfort of your home without questioning, “am I doing this right?”

7:30PM - 9:00PM • Reiki and Chakras 101

Presenter: Stephanie Penich

Learn about Reiki Energy Healing and the basic principles behind this Japanese healing tradition. Reiki is accessible to everyone and is a spiritually guided life force energy that supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. In this class, you will expand your understanding of how energy moves and sits in different areas of your body. You will explore the seven main Chakras and how they each hold energy specific to different emotions and experiences. You will also learn Reiki hand positions for self-healing each chakra to create deep and lasting change in your overall wellbeing.


May 1, 2021

Body Room


7:30AM - 8:30AM • Registration


8:30AM - 10:30AM • A Healing Journey

Presenter: Caroline Dalton

Take time to slow down and re-tune the body with the healing vibrations of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. This journey will take you to the depths of your being - clearing the pathway and reminding you how to deeply listen, as the gateways open to the Universe's messages. Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow and anything else you may need for your comfort.


11:00AM - 1:00PM • Reclaim Your Wyld Roots and Unleash Your Magick

Presenter: Gillian White

Gather in a circle and connect with ancient rites, honoring Beltane and the coming Spring.  Also known as May Day, Beltane honors vitality, passion, transformation and renewal. It represents the peak of Spring when Earth’s energies are at their strongest and most active. All of life is bursting at the seams with potent fertility. The month of May is a brilliant moment in the Wheel of the Year to bring ideas, hopes and dreams into action. In our time together, you will experience a circle casting, sacred ritual work, spell-work, chanting, creative exercises and lots of fun.

1:00PM - 2:00PM • LUNCH BREAK


2:00PM - 4:00PM • Functional Movement Training

Presenter: Benjamin Harbers

Explore the bodies’ potential to overcome physical and mental blocks to strengthen functional movement. Learn something new about the anatomy of your body, and how your musculoskeletal system creates certain movement that is transferrable to the postures and positions experienced in everyday life. This class incorporates a combination of movement modalities and breath work to promote mobility and flexibility through tight focus areas and whole-body systems. Suitable for all.

4:30PM - 5:30PM • Full Moon Restorative Yoga

Presenter: Michelle Backhouse

Deepen your knowledge of two ancient practices and traditions, Astrology and Yoga. Follow the Full and New Moon cycles of the sky, to deepen your earthly experience. For thousands of years, Astrology has been guiding humanity through its many cycles. The Moon is a nurturing and powerful celestial body. As we enter a Full Moon phase, you will discover the characteristics and energies of the constellation Taurus, where this Full Moon is located in the sky. Through a yin yoga practice, you will learn how to navigate through this season and use this knowledge to best serve yourself.

6:00PM - 7:30PM • Connect To Calm With Qigong

Presenter: Munira Jiwa

Qigong is a powerful and ancient form of meditation exercises that helps you create an internal environment of peace and healing. Spring Forest Qigong empowers you with simple tools and techniques, based on ancient wisdom, to help you navigate and transform the daily stressors in the modern and fast paced world. It allows you to maintain an inner calmness regardless of what is going on around you. Learn how you can use the elements of breathing, visualization, moving meditation and sound to help transform energy blockages and balance your energy. With balanced energy, you will experience optimal health, peak performance and inner peace. 

8:00PM - 9:00PM • Yoga Nidra

Presenter: Kyle Henderson

Experience the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra, complimented by the healing vibration of crystal sound bowls. Through this experience, you will journey into the numerous layers of energy within yourself and explore these different aspects.  Shift from dense matter and blocks, to subtle energy and thought. Work to affect change in subconscious beliefs, increase positive brain states, and move towards infinite possibilities of healing. 

Mind Room


7:30AM - 8:30AM • Registration



8:30AM - 10:30AM • Channelling Session With Spirit

Presenter: Amanda Abelseth

Experience an interactive channelling session with the non-physical and delve into the truths of your reality and personal power. Directed by spirit, this discussion will cover various topics - adapting to the needs of each person in the room. Through the knowledge of the Universe, embrace the gift of life and accept that you control your destiny. Stand in your power, honor your grace and choose your heaven on earth. Allow spirit to shed light on your journey and discover that you are being lovingly supported every step of the way. 



11:00AM - 12:30PM • Master The Habit Of Happiness

Presenter: Julie Ann Waldock

Find keys to unlock your own happiness hormones through this experiential event which combines science and practical research in a fun and inventive way. Using powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Meditative techniques, you will be guided on a discovery of the four surprisingly simple, yet highly effective, daily methods which you can begin to adopt today.  Top up your feel-good hormones and make happiness your most addictive habit.

12:30PM - 2:00PM • LUNCH BREAK

2:00PM - 4:00PM • Discovering the Akashic Records

Presenter: Stephanie Penich

Dive into what the Akashic Records are and how they can be a useful tool to provide guidance and answers for your current life path. The Akashic Records hold information about your soul and your journey. Discover how to access the Akashic Records and the impact this information can have on your life, while supporting you through life’s deepest questions. During this event, profound lessons learned in the Akashic Records will be shared in order to assist you in this lifetime.

4:30PM - 5:30PM • Spirit Of The Crystal

Presenter: Jaide Izon

Crystals are ALIVE! The concept of Crystals as living entities has been a commonly held belief by many great minds, including Nikola Tesla. Discover the history, practices, and ancient teachings behind the functions of crystals.  Incorporating modern scientific research of Nobel Prize Winners and scientists, learn how these gems and minerals can affect your day-to-day life.  Uncover how to personally connect with these beautiful, ancient spirits to amplify wellness in your life.

6:00PM - 7:30PM • Shadows And Self Love

Presenter: Jaide Izon

Dive deep into the world of Shadow Work, where you will learn about its basic principles, the subconscious mind and how to start identifying consciously with your own shadow. Here you will delve into the darkness within - reveal its origin, ask questions, and discover how these aspects of the Self are truly the key to integrating your being into unity and wholeness. Through thought-provoking discussion and shifts in perspective, you will be able to cultivate deeper love, compassion, awareness, and growth - accepting all aspects of Self. Illuminate the dark with your inner light. Honor the balance within.

8:00PM - 9:00PM • Healing Your Relationship With Food And Exercise

Presenter: Catherine Beasley

In today’s society, judgement and self comparison has become all too common. The media has become the filter by which many critique themselves and within this distorted perception, they lose sight of who they are and what they actually want. Experience an intimate and honest session where you will come back to you and give yourself permission to have the body and lifestyle you want, on your own terms! Learn to follow your own guidance, listen to your body and embrace that the power to change your life is within you. Learn techniques that you can incorporate everyday, to heal your relationship with your body, food and fitness. Begin to listen to your intuition and trust that it will guide you to be the best version of you. For you.


May 2, 2021

Body Room


8:30AM - 10:30AM • Illumination Of The Soul Breathwork 

Presenter: Amanda Joy

Breathwork is a powerful, active meditation technique for self-healing. Discover a breathing pattern that moves stagnant energy, allows you to let go of the mind and opens the heart. Learn a powerful tool for detoxing, processing unresolved pain and healing trauma, as well as accessing a deeper state of consciousness to assist in creating your own reality and answering questions you've been seeking answers to. Angelic Reiki is offered during the session as a support tool to aid in shifting energy and after to offer grounding. The soothing, cleansing harmony of the singing bowl is then added to bring clarity and balance.



11:00AM - 12:00PM • Meditative Yin Yoga

Presenter: Kyle Henderson

Experience a soft, gentle journey into the subtle realm of Self.  Using yoga rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will achieve physical, energetic and mental benefits.  The practice will begin with an introduction to Qi Gong and move into a Yin Yoga.  With longer holds in your physical body, you will experience a moving awareness of the breath, and connections throughout the whole Self.   

12:00PM - 2:00PM • LUNCH BREAK

2:00PM - 4:00PM •  Kundalini Yoga

Presenter: Caroline Dalton

Using the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga, increase the awareness of self while accessing a higher state of consciousness. In this event, you will move through a kriya using breath, movement and sound to clear blocks and limiting beliefs within yourself and your surroundings. Doing so will allow you to clear a pathway and attract more of what you desire. You will learn a 40-day transformative meditation and conclude this healing session with a gong meditation to further integrate the practice.  Leave with a deeper understanding of self and the clearing process.

4:30PM - 5:30PM • Empath Empowerment

Presenter: Jen Love

Being a sensitive soul can often be difficult.  Taking on emotions from others, feeling unprotected and dealing with anxiety can lead to uncertainty in moving forward. In this session, learn powerful energetic techniques for you to thrive!  Discover how to create energetic boundaries and in a safe and nurturing environment - explore your anxiety and learn to clear your energy body. Through Intuitive Hypnotherapy, tap into a new level of safety and confidence, knowing that you can be strong and sensitive at the same time.  

Mind Room


8:30AM - 10:30AM • The Emotion Code & Muscle Testing

Presenter: Jocelyn Pettitt

The Emotion Code & Body Code system, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a healing modality that can help uncover the root causes of discomfort, sickness, and suffering in body and mind. In addition, this modality can help identify the underlying cause of your physical or emotional concerns to restore health and well-being. Removing energy blockages can make it possible to clear the way for optimal health and love, create abundance or shift into a higher vibrational state. The Emotion Code and Body Code system is a simple, gentle and effective way to release past emotional hurt without being re-traumatized. In this workshop, you will learn the basics and theory behind this modality and have the opportunity to practice.  Please bring a water bottle and magnet if you have one. 

11:00AM - 12:30PM • Inflammation and Stress: Healing Through Whole Food

Presenter: Sheena Huculak

Food can either be a powerful medicine or a potent poison. Your most important daily health habit is what you choose to put on the end of your fork.  Inflammation is the number one cause of dis-ease and illness throughout the body.  At a cellular level, inflammation adds to the body’s stress load and can exasperate any physical and emotional symptoms you may be experiencing.  During this event, you will discover the top inflammatory foods and the troubles they could be causing you, why fat is your friend and how adaptogens are your allies. 

12:30PM - 2:00PM • LUNCH BREAK

2:00PM - 4:00PM • A Talk With Spirit

Presenter: Stephanie Penich

Curious as to how humans are able to connect with other realms and communicate with Spirit? This session will break down energy and connection to the other side. A mediumship demonstration for the audience will then give you a taste of how powerful Spirit can communicate with us in the physical world. Discover this magical phenomenon in a real, approachable, understandable way. No need to “believe” in mediumship, come with an open mind and an open soul willing to experience the magic of the other side.

4:30PM - 5:30PM • Space Clearing: Your Sacred Container

Presenter: Caroline Dalton

Are you sensitive to energy within and around you? Would you like a better understanding about how you can shift it?  Create a scared container for yourself and your space. This workshop will guide you through several techniques on clearing yourself and what surrounds you. Using various smudging practices and raising vibrations, unlock the power of applying your voice and sound to clear blocks and unwanted energy. Your sacred container awaits.

Unleash Your Power

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