The lunar cycle of the full moon is the time to release what is no longer serving you and to enhance and embrace all that is supporting you! This beautiful practice uses affirmations and visualizations to help harmonize your energies, mind, body, emotions and spirit.


The moon in its fullness brings powerful energy to elevate what you are feeling currently - consciously and unconsciously. By finding a personal practice during the full moon's energy, you can harness the powerful vibration and strength to your benefit. Allowing yourself to step into your own personal fullness and shed light into any areas of darkness!


The next Full Moon is August 15th, 2019! Join Banff Wellness Retreat instructor Carrie Suwal of Healing Earth Canmore, as she guides you on a journey of inner transformation and healing! Click below to experience a FREE Full Moon Guided Meditation that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home!








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