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Amanda Abelseth is an internationally known Channeler, Author and  teacher of Inner Alchemy and Metaphysics. Through her work as a channel for the nonphysical world, she bridges the gap between you and the unseen and guides you into a deeper understanding of Self. Her teachings integrate ancient knowledge and modern methods to provide a full in depth understanding of your reality and how to master it. 

Elated Mind |

Amanda Abelseth

Carrie Suwal is a spiritual coach, certified Reiki Master, RMT and Reflexologist. She uses shamanic divination to bring guidance from the spirit realm and specializes in chakra balancing. She works to repair blockages in the aura creating a flow of natural energy and restoring the energetic body to it’s natural radiance, so that the emotional and physical body may thrive.

Healing Earth Canmore |

Carrie Suwal

Donna Young is a professional astrologer who lectures locally and internationally. She is the Operations Manager at Kepler College where she holds a degree in the History and Symbology of Astrology, and remains involved as a member of their faculty. Certified as a peer group leader by the Organization for Professional Astrology, she serves on their board as Director of Publications and Canadian representative.

Donna Young |

Donna Young

Shamir Ladhani is a licensed HeartMath® Coach, International Speaker and Transformational Coach. He provides evidence-based techniques and proven approaches that have helped thousands of people to overcome anxiety, become more proficient at maintaining calm under pressure and enhance their ability to develop positive nurturing relationships. 

Panther Power Corp |

Shamir Ladhani

Shauna Clark has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 13 years. She is the co-founder of the online yoga studio - Yoga Unleashed - and hosts international retreats in remote locations around the world. She is a successful media marketer and mentor that is an expert in helping people build a business around their own personal brand and passions.

Yoga Unleashed |

Shauna Clark

Fiona Groves is a certified Eating Psychology Coach, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Trainer. With a passion for Mind Body Nutrition & Dynamic Eating Psychology, her coaching goes far beyond nutrition and fitness, as she helps clients around the world overcome their challenges with food and body to become the bests version of themselves.

Fit by Fiona |

Fiona Groves

Holly James is a Psychologist, Teacher and Master Shaman who draws from more than twenty years experience in private practice. She has a Masters in Energy Medicine and has trained with the Q’ero of Peru, The Blackfoot and the Kahuna in Hawaii. She leads global workshops & retreats specializing in vibrational healing & indigenous medicine. 

Holly James |

Holly James

Dan King is a Spiritual Conduit, Medium, Intuitive Soul Coach, International Speaker and an Author. Nicknamed ‘The Rated-R Avatar, he is a pioneer of ‘spirituality with an edge’. His “no-filter” approach and channelled insight guides people in healing even the deepest traumas and in becoming their Authentic Selves. Merging inspiration, enlightenment and entertainment, Dan reveals the answers to life’s big questions.

SOULgasm |

Dan King

Amanda Joy is an Advanced Yoga & Meditation instructor and master spiritual Reiki practitioner. She is passionate about sharing many healing modalities such as Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & Reiki that helped bring her from a place of darkness to a space of healing. Amanda is co-owner of Yoga Kula, a serene yoga studio in the heart of Rocky Mountain House, AB.

Amanda Joy |

Amanda Joy

Kim Mayberry is a passionate Dance Teacher, and entrepreneur. She owns Dance for Joy Studio in Banff where she teaches Barre, Belly Dance, Burlesque, Buti Yoga, Country Dance, HIGH Fitness, Hip Hop for Kids, World Dance and Yoga. A professional Belly Dancer for over 15 years, Kim has also studied African, Bollywood, Contemporary, Diva, Flamenco, and Polynesian dance.

Dance For Joy Studio |

Kim Mayberry

Jocelyn Pettitt is a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code technique. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, Jocelyn uses the Emotion Code modality to perform muscle testing and determine what negative energies or trapped emotions the body is holding onto. She is passionate about helping her clients release emotional baggage, so that they may live happy and fulfilling lives.

Edson Emotion Reset |

Jocelyn Pettit

Tracy Gawley is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor with 19 years of teaching experience, as well as a Song Writer, Musician and Chant Artist with 17 years of experience leading chant gatherings. She is passionate about healing others through the power of sacred music and incorporates her knowledge of sound and energy to honour the sacred, authentic, ecological and innocent child within all of us.

Tracy's Vision |

Tracy Gawley

Ashley McKenzie is a Yoga Instructor and Fitness Model. She is the co-founder of the online yoga studio - Yoga Unleashed - and hosts international retreats in remote locations around the world. Ashley is committed to providing a place where her clients can find community and solace, while unplugging from the stress of daily life and coming back to some of the most ancient practices on the planet today.

Yoga Unleashed |

Ashley McKenzie

Kyle Henderson is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Cranial Sacral Therapist.  He has dedicated himself to the mind-body connection and is continually developing his knowledge to create authentic and complete spiritual growth for his clients. He can assist in your desire to heal, increase performance or expand consciousness through his deep understanding of the human experience.

Canmore Hot Yoga |

Kyle Henderson

Denise Swick is a Sound Bowl Practitioner and a life student of Astrology, Shamanism and Ancient Wisdom. She has a deep and intimate connection with nature, allowing her to connect with her crystal bowls and work with the healing power of sound, to create lasting change on an energetic and physical level. She is a natural born healer and is passionate about assisting her clients on their journey.  

Now One World |

Denise Swick

Heather Bowen is a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach and an Advanced Raw Food Chef. Specializing in gut health, weight management and plant based cuisine, she practices a functional medicine approach to healing which focuses on addressing the root cause of the problem. She is dedicated to helping others find optimal health by one-on-one consulting and nutrition education

Heather Bowen |

Heather Bowen

Carly Banks is an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor and promotes self-care techniques backed by thousands of years of exploration. She teaches daily routines that support mental, physical, and emotional well-being. As a working mother of two young children, Carly is no stranger to feeling “busy”, and knows the importance of creating healthy habits that feel easy to implement. 

Carly Banks

Jennifer Macfarlane is a transformational Mindset and Abundant Life Mentor, Author, Spiritual Alchemist and Subconscious Reprogramming Master. She uses hypnosis, meditation and deep subconscious conversation to “reprogram” her clients from all over the globe to vibrate at a higher wealth, success and abundance frequency; in turn, allowing them to attract more abundant lives.

The Money Medium |

Jennifer Macfarlane

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