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Heal the Body, Silence the Mind and Allow the Soul to Speak

Unleash Your Power

Join us for a spiritual wellness retreat at the beautiful Banff Rocky Mountain Resort. Immerse yourself in a weekend of self-care, healing and relaxation. Choose from 26 Body and Mind events and personalize a schedule tailored to your individual learning style and self-care needs.


Each event has been specifically selected to create a balanced approach to inner and outer transformation. Providing an array of knowledge from various modalities, our retreat creates a unique experience for those who are ready to go within and create lasting change.


Allow our instructors to guide you into a deeper understanding of

Body, Mind and Soul and unleash the power within you!


Spring 2024

April 12th - 14th & April 19th - 21st

Fall 2024

October 18th - 20th & October 25th - 27th

Heal the Body

Discover the strength and healing power of your own body at our Body Wellness events. In a nurturing and relaxing space, connect to your physical Self through various methods of healing.


Ignite the body through transformative Yoga and Dance or delve deep into the energetic planes of self, creating lasting change through healing Meditation and Sound Therapy. With 13 unique Body Wellness events to choose from, you will experience transformation on a profound level.

Silence the Mind

Study with leading experts and uncover your unlimited potential in our Mind Wellness events. Delve into innovative and life changing teachings, designed to release your Authentic Self and transform your life. 


Choose from 13 Mind Wellness events, where you will explore your outer reality and discover its intimate connection with the inner workings of Self. Learn how to master your thoughts, emotions and belief patterns to silence the mind and allow you to work WITH the universe to create your optimal life.  

Allow the Soul to Speak

When you are at peace in the body and mind, you become one with the participatory nature of the Universe. You allow the soul to speak and inspire the direction of your life.


At Banff Wellness Retreat, our intention is to bring you into a state of balance and authentic Body, Mind and Soul connection. Through our unique and life changing Retreat, you will unleash your power and return home with the knowledge and tools to continue your journey - transforming your life from the inside out.

Harness the Energy

of Banff National Park

The healing power of nature has long been understood by humankind. As the body is meant to vibrate at the same frequency as the earth, we easily return to balance and feel a sense of coming home when immersed in nature. Our busy lives, stress and technology greatly impacts our vibration and overall well being - throwing us out of balance. In nature, we can learn to be still - align Body, Mind and Soul - and simply allow ourselves to BE without expectation or pressure.  

The energy of Banff, Alberta is both healing and powerfully transformative. Believed by many to be a sacred space for transformation and rapid growth, Banff is the ideal space for a Spiritual Wellness Retreat. Join us for an upcoming retreat and discover how you can harness the energy of Banff National Park! 

Transform Your Life


Creating powerful, positive change in your life can only happen from going within and unleashing your authentic self through Body, Mind and Soul alignment. When you transform yourself mentally and energetically, the changes within your life will be absolute and lasting. 

At Banff Wellness Retreat we believe that you have the power to create the life you desire. By bringing together experts of Mind and Body wellness, we have created a unique opportunity for complete Self healing and transformation. Our retreat will give you the tools and knowledge needed to overcome limiting beliefs and restrictive patterns that have prevented you from living your optimal life. 


You are ready to go within, to align self and claim the power that is rightfully yours. You are ready to flourish and transform! We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Banff Wellness Retreat.

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