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October 18, 2024

Body Room


12:00PM - 1:30PM • Registration

2:00PM - 3:30PM • Crystal Sound Journey

Presenter: Colin Hillstrom

Begin your Retreat experience with a healing sound journey that will reset your body, mind and brain complex. Release and rejoice, as you immerse yourself in a high vibrational acoustic energy field generated by some of the world's finest sound healing instruments. Relax and surrender and allow your chakras, endocrine system and brain to rebalance and realign. Leave the world behind, find your magic and allow yourself to experience true inner joy, peace and well-being.

4:00PM - 5:00PM • Release with Osteopathy

Presenter: Lindsey Williams

Osteopathy is a powerful practice that reveals how the tissues in your body can store your emotions. These emotional imprints can be locked within the fascial body and lead to a variety of symptoms and conditions including pain, hormonal imbalances and fatigue. During this event, you will be guided through various mind-body techniques including breathwork, meditation exercises and somatic movements to release these fascial tensions and support your healing journey.

5:30PM - 6:30PM • Connect to Calm with Qigong

Presenter: Munira Jiwa

Discover a powerful and ancient form of meditation exercises that will help you create an internal environment of peace and healing. Spring Forest Qigong is based on ancient wisdom that will empower you with simple tools and techniques to help you navigate daily stressors and embrace inner calmness. Learn how you can use the elements of breathing, visualization, moving meditation and sound to help transform energetic blockages and balance your energy. With balanced energy, you will experience optimal health and inner peace.

7:00PM - 8:30PM • Chakra Recharge and Restore

Presenter: Kim Mayberry and Lisa Phillips

Awaken your chakras! Explore your energy centers through movement, meditation and group energy healing. Let the power of dance and yoga based movements revitalize and balance each chakra. Dance and stretch in ways that feel best in your body - releasing and expanding your ability to connect to your own energetic needs. After vigorous movement, relax and integrate your own healing power through guided meditation, connecting to and receiving the balancing energies of crystals and Reiki.  Reflect, re-connect, release and recharge! This is an opportunity to open up, tune in, and expand, in a supportive group setting. Leave feeling renewed, and invigorated - mind, body and spirit.

Mind Room


12:00PM - 1:30PM • Registration

2:00PM - 3:30PM • Human Design - Live An Aligned Life

Presenter: Hilary Wood

Human Design is a synthesis of Astrology, the Chinese I ‘Ching, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics. It is an extensive practice that is here to empower and expand you.  Based on the time, date and place of your birth - it is a system that reveals how you’re uniquely wired to operate and thrive in work, relationships and life.  So often what we criticize within ourselves is, in fact, our greatest gifts and human design is a permission slip to be the person you are meant to be. During this event, you will learn how your specific energy works and discover practical/actionable steps to live in alignment to create more flow and magnetize the life you want to live.

4:00PM - 5:00PM • A Guide to Energy

Presenter: Karen Musgrave

The process of a spiritual awakening can often be confusing and overwhelming. Without necessary information, many will struggle to maneuver through this rapid period of growth and the energy that they encounter daily. Awareness of what is happening around you, and for you, is a powerful tool that facilitates an environment where you can more gently learn and grow. During this event, you will discover five essential guidelines to keep your energy pure and authentic, and allow you to deepen your connection to your Self. Within these five guidelines, you will become the master of your energy and know how to move the energy that is no longer serving you.  You will learn how to raise your vibration, manage energetic chords, ground your energy and receive guidance through meditation. Whether you are new to spiritual practices or looking to refresh your current knowledge - this event can assist you wherever you may be on your spiritual journey.

5:30PM - 6:30PM • Insulin and Hormones

Presenter: Dr. Kate Hadfield, ND

Insulin is the latest trendy topic, with everyone from celebrities to influencers discussing insulin resistance and weight-loss prescription drugs. Trying to learn the fundamentals of insulin, weight and hormones on your own can be overwhelming and confusing. During this event, discover the truth about insulin and how it relates to your hormonal health. Discover how insulin affects sleep problems, stubborn weight loss, painful periods, hot flashes and high cholesterol. Learn about insulin resistance, how it impacts your hormonal health and what you can do about it.

7:00PM – 8:30PM • Gut Health 101

Presenter: Patti Fleury

Over 2000 years ago, Hippocrates stated that “all disease begins in the gut”.  This statement still holds true today.  The digestive tract is your root system - your foundation and your base.  It is referred to as your Second Brain.  Your digestive health impacts every system of the body: immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal, urinary, endocrine, intestinal and reproductive.  The state of your gut can even influence your mood.  During this event, discover how to recognize the signs that indicate that your digestive health is compromised.  You will learn which foods and nutrients will enhance digestive function, and discover methods that can restore balance to your digestive tract and leave you feeling energized and invigorated.


October 19, 2024

Body Room


8:30AM - 10:30AM • Nūma Breathwork Journey

Presenter: Trevor Yelich

Experience a transformational synthesis of conscious connected breathwork, somatic explorations, sound healing and inquiry that supports you in clearing energy within the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. This dynamic breathwork practice can catalyze spontaneous insights and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Each breath becomes a powerful key to the awareness of your reality and who you are in your life. During this event, you will journey inwards with the breath as your healer and guide. Healing benefits that you may evoke during this event include insight, expanded awareness, recognition and integration of repressed emotions, release of negativity and habituated ways of being, increased energy, mental clarity and peace of mind.


Disclaimer: This event is not suitable for those who are Pregnant or those who have a significant history of Heart Conditions, Lung Conditions, Epilepsy, PTSD or Psychosis.

11:00AM – 12:30PM • Yoga for Adrenals and Stress

Presenter: Dr. Christine Perkins

Delve into a traditional Kundalini Yoga class that will increase your energy, tone your adrenal glands and modulate the effects of stress on your body. You will begin with ancient breathing techniques proven to relax the mind and cleanse energy pathways in the body. The “Kriya” and movement will set you up to detox your precious lymphatic system, bowels and liver. You will conclude this event with Shavasana followed by a meditation to create a sense of resilience and wellbeing to allow you to manifest peace of mind and abundance.

12:30PM - 2:00PM • LUNCH BREAK

2:00PM - 4:00PM • Samhain Magick Circle

Presenter: Gillian White

Embrace the Witch's Halloween. Step into the glow of the sacred fire as you honour the ancient traditions of Samhain. Celebrate the end of the harvest season and the onset of winter, as our ancestors did under the cloak of the night. Samhain, the Witch's Halloween, beckons you to gather in a circle of magick. Feel the power of the witch's circle, a space where limiting beliefs dissolve and connection, healing and empowerment thrive. Activate your magickal essence and awaken the spellbinding energy within. Delve into the fundamentals of spell work and ritual, commune with the elements, pay homage to our ancestors and forge deeper connections with nature and ourselves. Immerse yourself in a circle brimming with magick, ritual and laughter. Muggles are warmly welcome to join us on this enchanting journey.

4:30PM - 5:30PM • The Journey - A Guided Meditation

Presenter: Karen Musgrave

Life is not meant to be lived in a constant sprint and instead should be embraced for the beauty and value of the journey.  During this meditation, you will be guided to remove obstacles that have distracted you from embracing your journey and becoming your true authentic self.  Through this meditation, you will find the strengths in your foundation and discover that your base is solid and ready to support you on your path of becoming.  Following the meditation, you will be activated into this new energy, allowing yourself to propel forward into all that you truly are. 

6:00PM - 7:30PM • Sol Harmonics Sound Journey

Presenter: Jordan River

Immerse yourself in the restorative power of sound and reconnect with your true essence of inner peace and harmony. Guided by the gentle vibrations of flutes, rain sticks, chimes, vocals and crystal singing bowls, experience the profound effects of sound on the body, mind and soul. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system, sound naturally alters brain waves into a deep meditative state, unlocking your ability for self-exploration and personal growth. Relaxation is the key to your best self and during this event, you will discover the power of relaxation as a tool for healing and spiritual connection. Embark on an inward sound journey and introduce yourself to the peaceful sanctuary within, where true self-discovery and lasting transformation await.

Mind Room


8:30AM - 10:30AM • Connecting Beyond the Veil

Presenter: Jaime Breeze

Delve into the transformative world of mediumship that opens the doorway to connection beyond the veil. During this event, you will embark on a journey like no other - a journey of discovery, connection and profound insight.  Delve into the depths of the spiritual realm where you may receive messages from your loved ones and beloved pets who have crossed over.  This is an opportunity to explore the power of your own intuition and enhance your skills, as you learn valuable techniques and practices to strengthen your connection with the other side. Discover that each moment is infused with the potential for healing, closure and spiritual growth.  Embrace the mystery and the magic of mediumship, as you ignite your innate abilities and open the mind to the limitless possibilities of the unseen world.

11:00AM - 12:30PM • Messages from the Other Side

Presenter: Jaime Breeze

Embark on a fascinating journey into the afterlife and experience a live mediumship event.  Immerse yourself in the wonder of spirit communication, where connections to the other side may bring messages of love, healing and guidance.  You may be invited to participate in a deeply personal experience, where the spirits may communicate directly with you - offering comfort and insight into your life journey. Within this supportive and inclusive environment, all attendees can witness the awe-inspiring connections between this world and the next.  Whether you receive a message or simply bear witness to the magic of mediumship, this event promises to leave you with a sense of wonder and reverence to the unseen forces that guide and surround you.  

12:30PM - 2:00PM • LUNCH BREAK

2:00PM - 4:00PM • Escaping the Grip of Ego 

Presenter: Laurie Trace

Discover how the human ego is a foundational part of the human journey.  Once we understand the specific ways the ego surfaces in our individual lives, we are better equipped to experience heightened spiritual states of expansion, abundance and deep connection.  Understanding the biological and psychological aspects of ego can free you from disempowering narratives and emotional exhaustion. During this event, you will reflect on the specific ways that your ego causes unnecessary suffering while applying practical strategies for breaking free of old patterns. This event is a useful compliment to the event “Heart-Centered Living” in The Body Room on Sunday at 8:30AM. It is recommended to attend this event prior to attending the Sunday event.

4:30PM - 5:30PM • Tapping to Transform Your Life

Presenter: Michelle Agopsowicz

EFT tapping is an energy Psychology technique that allows you to safely explore difficult emotions and release them from your body.  The more you explore the exiled parts of yourself, the more you discover the messages those parts may have for you. We all struggle sometimes, but you don't need to suffer by getting stuck in difficult emotions. While it feels counterintuitive to go towards discomfort, the more you resist uncomfortable emotions - the stronger they become. During this event, you will discover what tapping is, how it works, the tapping points and why you need to address difficult emotions. Through several demonstrations, you will release emotions and beliefs so you can return to balance and find peace. 

6:00PM - 7:30PM • Overcoming Complex Fatigue

Presenter: Dr. Christine Perkins

With the ever increasing pace of the world and the overwhelming expectation to keep up, fatigue and exhaustion have become all too common. During this enlightening event, you will discover the root causes of Complex Fatigue. You will delve into practical solutions and learn how to increase your energy naturally and beat Brain Fog. You will expand your understanding of the body and discover how to create enduring energy that lasts throughout the day. Give your mind and body the support it needs to allow you to show up powerfully in your life.


October 20, 2024

Body Room


8:30AM - 10:30AM • Heart-Centred Living

Presenter: Laurie Trace

The choice to embrace unity consciousness is a choice to step into your full power in ways you must experience to fully know.  Discover the profound insights gained from recent research on the heart’s magnetic field and its existence beyond the physical body.  This experiential session will integrate breath, intention and meditative practice to activate neural networks derived from the work of bioenergy pioneers Dr. Sue Morter (The Energy Codes), Dr. Joe Dispenza (Becoming Supernatural), and the HeartMath Institute (Global Compassion Project).  Allow yourself to open and feel the powerful vibrational frequency of compassionate love. This event is a useful compliment to the event “Escaping the Grip of Ego” in The Mind Room on Saturday at 2:00PM. It is recommended to attend the Saturday event prior to attending this event.

11:00AM - 12:30PM • Yoga Nidra

Presenter: Kyle Henderson

Experience the transformative power of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation practice also known as "yogic sleep." During this event, you will discover invaluable knowledge on brain states and how they are essential to enhancing your experience. Following the discussion, you will shift your focus inward, beyond the five senses, and learn to balance between the states of wakefulness and sleep. As you journey through different brain states and energy layers with awareness, you will explore the subconscious and become empowered to change your belief systems. You will also experience a sense of interconnected wholeness and become aware of your timeless Self, which is expansive and inclusive. This state will enable physical, emotional and mental healing, as you are restored and awakened to your deepest, all-knowing and all-welcoming self. Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow, optional eye mask and anything else you may need for your comfort.

12:30PM - 2:00PM • LUNCH BREAK

2:00PM - 4:00PM • Crystal Sound Journey

Presenter: Colin Hillstrom

Integrate your Retreat experience with a healing sound journey that will balance your body, mind and brain complex. Release and rejoice, as you immerse yourself in a high vibrational acoustic energy field generated by some of the world's finest sound healing instruments. Relax and surrender and allow your chakras, endocrine system and brain to rebalance and realign. Leave the world behind, find your magic and allow yourself to experience true inner joy, peace and well-being.

4:30PM - 5:30PM • Root to Receive

Presenter: Hilary Wood

Experience a unique yoga class, designed to open the pathways of your lower body, creating a grounded connection to the earth. Through breath, movement and subtle body exploration - you will encourage a smooth current of energy through the body to help eliminate stress or stagnation and free up any areas that might feel blocked. Take time to physically connect to your inner knowing, a knowing that is always in alignment with your greater good and finish feeling lighter and clearer.

Mind Room


8:30AM - 10:30AM • Mystical Moon

Presenter: Gillian White

Delve into the enchanting world of Moon Mysteries and unlock the secrets of lunar rituals for connecting with your magickal self. As the moon waxes and wanes, so do our emotions, guiding us through growth, release and transformational phases. During this event, embrace the potent energy of the moon to deepen your connection to your intuition, heart and the natural cycles of the world within and around you. Explore techniques to align with your lunar nature, harnessing the moon's energy for personal growth, healing and spiritual insight. Discover the art of lunar rituals for all moon phases - tapping into ancient wisdom to awaken your magickal and manifesting potential.

11:00AM - 12:30PM • Sacred Boundaries

Presenter: Michelle Agopsowicz

For many people, it can often feel challenging to maintain boundaries in the relationships within their personal and professional lives.  During this event, you will discover what boundaries are, the importance of setting healthy boundaries and how to manage boundary violations. You will explore how trauma, family history and attachment styles affect your ability to express and set boundaries.  You will learn practical tools and strategies for managing your boundaries and communicating them effectively. Ultimately, holding sacred boundaries helps you to honour your values and beliefs and allows you to live a more open-hearted compassionate life.

12:30PM - 2:00PM • LUNCH BREAK

2:00PM - 4:00PM • What's Your Number?

Presenter: Tammy Tocheniuk

Numbers influence all areas of your daily life. From music to science and finances to computer programs – numbers are an integral part of your existence. During this event, you will discover Numerology: the study of numbers. You will delve into understanding what numbers mean, what your unique number blueprint is and what numbers can teach you about yourself and others. This event will be both informational and interactive, as you learn how to calculate your LPN-Life Path Number and your PYN-Personal Year Number. This enlightening session will allow you to not only gain knowledge about yourself, but also equip you to perform your own numerology mini readings for others.

4:30PM - 5:30PM • Crystals And The Soul Blueprint

Presenter: Lisa Phillips

You are a multidimensional soul, and to flourish you require multi dimensional tools. Crystals are the key to accessing the inter dimensional doorways of your soul's journey. Your soul carries lifetimes of memories affecting your belief systems and your self-perception. During this event, you will discover which crystals help to release patterns, past and present, that may be keeping you from stepping into your true nature - your Soul Blueprint. You will then be guided through an Akashic Record journey meditation for an opportunity to access the etheric database of your own soul.

Unleash Your Power

Limited Tickets Available

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